Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guardian Gear Dog Car Harness Safety

dog car harness
We all consider ourselves and our children when we buckle up. Often, we treat dogs like our family until we get in the car. We should be buckling up our dog too.

Why do you need to buckle up your dog?
• You may be the best driver in the world but you don’t have any control over other drivers on the road. They hit you the right way and your dog will be through the window if they don’t have a harness on them.
• Even the best drivers can be easily distracted by their dog whether the dog is in between the owner and steering wheel or the dog has his head out the window. A distracted driver is not a safe driver.
• Put your mind at ease and your pet in a safe spot.

Now that I have you focused on your pets’ safety, let’s focus on the solution Your Pet Store With More can provide to you.

Is your dog not buckled up because you think it will be uncomfortable for your best friend? To solve that problem, Guardian Gear has created a secure AND comfortable harness for your dog. Your Pet Store With More is able to offer the harness at a terrific price.

Is your dog not buckled up because you think it will be too much trouble? The Guardian Gear Ride Right Dog Car Harness features adjustable quick-release buckles for a secure, easy fit. The seat belt attachment fits most vehicles. NOTE:Does not fit SAAB or Volvo models, or Ford Explorers

Another added feature to this fantastic harness is that it is made of water-resistant polyester.
Material: 100% Polyester Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.

Harness Size Fits Girth Measurement:
X-Small - 13" - 18"
Small/Medium - 20" - 27"
Large - 26" - 36"
X-Large - 30" - 45"

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