Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elevated Pet Cot

Our best-selling pet cots are now available in a more breathable design to keep pets extra comfortable in hot weather. Lightweight steel frame elevated pet cot includes a UV-resistant polyester cover with mesh center panels. Sets up and breaks down in seconds - great for traveling, camping, or naps in the backyard.

  • Available in Red

  • NOTE:Large has one center leg and X-Large has two center legs.

  • Small cot measures 24"in L X 18"in W and has an 80 lb weight capacity

  • Medium cot measures 30"in L x 24"in W and has a 100 lb weight capacity

  • Large cot measures 36"in L x 30"in W and has a 120 lb weight capacity

  • X-Large cot measures 48"in L x 36"in W and has a 150 lb weight capacity

  • Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    ProSelect Heated Kennel Pad

    Our ProSelect Heated Kennel Pad is ideal for use with newborns, older, and convalescing pets.

    • Great for keeping pets warm in kennels, doghouses, garages, basements, and anywhere else pets rest.
    • Thermostatically-controlled pad has reversible sides to offer the choice of two temperatures: dark tan side heats to 98.6°F and the light beige side heats to 80.6°F.
    • Made of durable ABS plastic with a 6’ steel-wrapped cord to resist chewing and abrasion.
    • ProSelect Heated Kennel Pads are available in the sizes listed below.

    Small 15 3/8 x 11 7/8
    Medium 17 3/8 x 13 7/16

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    American Kennel Club Shed Control Supplements

    Since 1884, the American Kennel Club™ has been
    the nation’s leading authority on dogs. Each AKC™
    RenewTrients™ product has been specifically formulated to
    provide your companion the optimal nutritional support
    to bring out the champion in your dog.

    120 Scored Chewable Tablets
    RenewTrients™ Shed Control contains a special
    blend of natural oils, herbs, minerals, antioxidants
    and vitamins, which can effectively reduce - and
    in many cases stop - nonseasonal shedding in dogs
    while providing a healthier and shinier coat.
    Recommended by veterinarians and breeders alike, RenewTrients™
    Shed Control is the complete formula that will rid you and your
    companion of unwanted shedding without affecting the normal
    season shedding cycle.

    : Feed chewable tablet directly to your dog or crumble
    and stir into food based on the following size chart:
    For best results and in order to avoid gastro-intestinal upset, gradually
    introduce RenewTrients™ Shed Control into your dog’s diet for the initial
    15-day period. Continue usage throughout the seasonal shedding cycle.
    Reduced shedding can be seen within the first month of use.

    Warnings: For use in dogs only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case
    of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. If animal’s condition
    worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.
    Size Of Dog Servings
    Small Dogs (up to 25 lbs.) 1 tab in a.m., 1 in p.m.
    Medium Dogs (25-60 lbs.) 2 tabs in a.m., 2 in p.m.
    Large Dogs (Over 60 lbs.) 3 tabs in a.m., 3 in p.m.

    Ingredients and Guaranteed
    Analysis Per Tablet:

    Proprietary Blend (a powder complex of
    safflower, sunflower, flaxseed, borage,
    evening primrose & fish oils)........ 225.000mg
    Lecithin Powder............................ 150.000mg
    Flaxseed Oil 50% Powder............... 50.000mg
    Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate).......... 125.000iu
    Vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol)............ 12.500iu
    Choline (Bitartrate)............................ 2.500mg
    Copper (sulfate)................................ 1.250mg
    Inositol.............................................. 1.250mg
    Manganese (sulfate)......................... 1.250mg
    Nicotinamide..................................... 1.250mg
    Zinc (oxide)....................................... 1.250mg
    Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine Monoitrate)... 0.125mg
    Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)................... .0.125mg
    Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCI)............ 0.125mg
    Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin)........ 0.002mg
    Selenium (Amino Acid Chelate)....... 2.000mcg

    Other Ingredients: Brewer’s Yeast, Natural
    Cheeseburger Beef Flavor, Corn Syrup Solids,
    Vegetable Cellulose, Liver Powder, Silica,
    Magnesium Stearate, Sucrose, Vegetable Stearin.
    Precautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals
    intended for breeding has not been proven.

    Check out our store for more dog health products.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Melia Dog Feeder Double Bowl

  • An elevated Dog Diner aids in digestion and skeletal alignment
    and better yet the pet is less messy!
  • 3/8" rod comes in Small, Medium, or Large
  • 1/4" rod comes in X-Small and Small
  • Pet bowls are NOT included with stands, only Melia pet
    bowls can be guaranteed to fit our stands
  • The diners are hand welded in the shop in Atlanta, GA
    (yes, that's the great ole' USA, not overseas)
  • A three stage finishing process is used called powder
    coating to prevent rust and scratches
  • A great safety feature of the Melia dog diners is they are "catch proof" in design to ensure
    that your pet's tag won't catch on the frame
  • Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Bike Car Seat Carrier

    This is a fabulous Dog Carrier, Car Seat, Bike Basket all in ONE. We are so excited to be able to bring this fabulous product to you! It comes in four great colors with function and fashion.
  • The Ultimate Traveler It's a Car Seat,Carrier,Bike Basket 3-in-1
  • Multiple storage pouches for treats,cell phones,etc.
  • Attaches on and off easily to the bike.Includes bike connector.
  • Fleece pad and tether included.
  • No tools required.
  • For Pets Up to 15 lbs.

    Bring your pet along on a leisurely bike ride. This pet bike carrier provides a safe and comfortable place for your pet to enjoy the company of their owner while biking.

    Measurements:14X 10X 9X

    Available in:
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Blue
  • Monday, September 20, 2010

    Dog Dish Comparison

    Can't decide what type of dog dish to get? Allow me to offer my food-for-thought with an examination of the pros and cons of each option.

    Your Pet Store With More offers a wide variety of dog dishes. I thought I’d examine each category to assist you with your purchasing decision. There are a lot of aspects to consider when you are investing in a dog dish. First I’ve created a chart summarizing the characteristics of the different varieties of dog dishes for your consideration. Beyond the chart there are details represented in the chart.

    Why Stoneware Dog Dishes?

    So is it Stoneware or Ceramic??
    • Actually the two terms are used interchangeably throughout the internet. AND both are correct terms when speaking of dog dishes.
    • Stoneware is a TYPE of the larger category of Ceramic.

    What the heck IS stoneware?

    • Stoneware is a man-made stone that reaches maturation at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celcius to 1315 degrees Celcius
    • Prior to being colored by the designer, the color of the piece is normally brown or grey. Stoneware is impermeable to a level of 5%. When not sealed with a glaze such as the dog dishes on my site, stoneware will absorb 5% water. Porcelain is impermeable at a rate of 0%... absorbs NO water... you trade fragility and price for that rate though. Earthenware is impermeable at a rate of 10% and will actually freeze if given the right conditions and if it absorbs that 10%. In a quick Google search, true earthenware dog dishes are very expensive. In my research, I have found that that earthenware is not a strong material, but is generally used for purposes of art which might be why an earthenware dog dish is found to be more expensive than a stoneware dish. Given the choice of the 3 (stoneware, porcelain and earthenwaree) I would pick stoneware hands down.


    • Stoneware dog dishes come in a variety of styles suitable for your character, your dog's character, your kitchen decor, and your lifestyle.
    • Stoneware dog dishes will add a bit of sophistication to your kitchen with a wide variety of unique designs.
    • Stoneware dog dishes come in a huge variety of colors so you can easily fine a dish to coordinate with the dishes' surroundings.
    • Stoneware dog dishes are heavy weight allowing the dog dish to stay in place while your famished pup is digging into dinner.


    • The risk of breakage does come with any glass dog dish, but the glass is so sturdy that it takes quite a fall to break these vessels of food and water.

    Why Plastic Dog dishes?

    A Plastic dog dish has the lowest level of commitment in my opinion. They are generally priced low and if it does break or crack you aren't out a large investment. Let's examine the pros and cons of the plastic dog dish more closely.


    • Plastic dog dishes come in a variety of styles suitable for your character, your dog's character, your kitchen decor, and your lifestyle.
    • Plastic dog dishes are inexpensive.
    • Plastic dog dishes come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your kitchen
    • Plastic dog dishes are sturdy so simply dropping them won't break them in most cases.


    • Plastic dog dishes will slide around easily for the medium to large dogs unless you add a grip on the bottom or invest in an inexpensive placemat.
    • Plastic dog dishes when compared to stoneware or ceramic dog dishes tend to look less sophisticated.
    • Could crack if dropped or aged.

    Why Raised Dog Dishes?

    You will also find the term elevated, raised, adjustable for the raised dog dish. A Raised dog dish has highest level of sophistication if you chose the right set. They are more expensive than the ceramic and plastic, but they are often made of wood or heavy metal that will increase the value and the appeal


    • Raised dog dishes come in a variety of styles suitable for your character, your dog's character, your kitchen decor, and your lifestyle.
    • Raised dog dishes are ideal for the posture and comfort of medium to large dogs.
    • Most raised dog dishes can also be used for small dogs if they are adjustable.
    • Raised dog dishes come in a variety of wood types to coordinate with your kitchen
    • Raised dog dishes are often adjustable (particularly the wood variety). They will grow with your pup.
    • Raised dog dishes come in a variety of dog dish sizes.
    • Raised dog dish sets come with the pictured bowls so you won't need to purchase those separately.
    • Raised dog dishes come as a set.


    • Raised dog dishes are more expensive, but a well maintained set will last a long time.

    Why Metal Dog Dishes?

    Metal dog dishes are the most popular dog dishes among the people close to me, however in my research it isn’t a popular search amongst Google explorers. This could be for two reasons in my view:

    • The metal dog dish is so common that most dog owners don’t consider the internet when purchasing a metal dish, but rather purchase from their local retailer.
    • People purchase metal dog dishes online if they happen upon them on an internet site rather than going out of their way to search for the product on Google.

    While not a popular online search, I do sell metal dog dishes in my store so I want to examine the pros and cons of said product.


    • Metal dog dishes keep the dogs’ water cool.
    • Metal dog dishes come in a variety of sizes.
    • Metal dog dishes are good for people that aren’t preoccupied with the look of their dog dish.
    • Metal dog dishes are long lasting.
    • Metal dog dishes won’t break under their intended use.


    • Metal dog dishes don’t come in a large variety of unique styles.
    • Metal dog dishes will dent.
    • I’ve only seen one color for metal dog dishes… silver / gray.
    • Raised dog dishes are more expensive, but a well maintained set will last a long time.
    Copyright by Angela Steward 2008 ©

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Elephant Dog Costume

    • I got my kids' Halloween costumes Friday. About time for the dogs' Halloween costumes don't you think??
    • Elephant Costume is simply-oh so cute. Click on the sizing chart to help determine what size you need.
    • A gray low pile plush design with poly underlay, boasts an unforgetable life-like elephant head complete with large flappy ears and a distinctive trunk.
    • Tail has metal brace for easy positioning and Velcro closures from neck to the belly makes for comfortable fastening.
    • Includes a leash hole for easy leash attachment while costume is still on.
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Care: Spot clean with damp cloth. Line dry.
    • Elephant Costumes are available in the following sizes:
    X-Small 10"
    Small 12"
    Medium 16"
    Large 20"
    X-Large 24"

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Guardian Gear Dog Car Harness Safety

    dog car harness
    We all consider ourselves and our children when we buckle up. Often, we treat dogs like our family until we get in the car. We should be buckling up our dog too.

    Why do you need to buckle up your dog?
    • You may be the best driver in the world but you don’t have any control over other drivers on the road. They hit you the right way and your dog will be through the window if they don’t have a harness on them.
    • Even the best drivers can be easily distracted by their dog whether the dog is in between the owner and steering wheel or the dog has his head out the window. A distracted driver is not a safe driver.
    • Put your mind at ease and your pet in a safe spot.

    Now that I have you focused on your pets’ safety, let’s focus on the solution Your Pet Store With More can provide to you.

    Is your dog not buckled up because you think it will be uncomfortable for your best friend? To solve that problem, Guardian Gear has created a secure AND comfortable harness for your dog. Your Pet Store With More is able to offer the harness at a terrific price.

    Is your dog not buckled up because you think it will be too much trouble? The Guardian Gear Ride Right Dog Car Harness features adjustable quick-release buckles for a secure, easy fit. The seat belt attachment fits most vehicles. NOTE:Does not fit SAAB or Volvo models, or Ford Explorers

    Another added feature to this fantastic harness is that it is made of water-resistant polyester.
    Material: 100% Polyester Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.

    Harness Size Fits Girth Measurement:
    X-Small - 13" - 18"
    Small/Medium - 20" - 27"
    Large - 26" - 36"
    X-Large - 30" - 45"

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    UGroom Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

    Slicker Dog Brush
    Do you have dog fur on your furniture?
    Would you like to avoid that dog hair?
    What if I told you I have a tool that will clean your dog’s hair, provide you quality time with your dog AND is easy to clean?

    UGroom Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

    • Provides you with the solution to all of that dog hair clean-up. What a headache that can be! All of that extra hair around the house causes clogged vacuums, hair sticking to clothing, and increasing allergens in the air for people allergic to pets that you may have over.
    • The UGroom Slicker Brush provides your dog with a healthier and shinier coat by removing those lose hairs and debris that can be found in all dogs from the lively to the lackadaisical.
    • You’ll find comfort in the UGroom Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. Brushing your dog can be relaxing with this ergonomically-designed rubber-handled brush.
    • We all have busy lives right? Well, let’s save you a little time.... this brush is SELF CLEANING. A push button pin retraction helps make that possible.

    Simplify your life with the UGroom Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. You can start simplicity in just a few days when you order today.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Popular Pink Dog Bed or Blue Dog Bed Slipper

    • This is the perfect bed for puppies, small dogs, and cats. Regal, embroidered crown and Prince or Princess detailing.
    • The Pink or Blue Slipper Beds are machine washable and include a rattle-shaped squeaker toy.
    • Beds measure 27 in long x 17 in wide x 15 in high.

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Leopard Print Pet Carrier

    • This leopard print pet carrier with short plush leopard-print exterior with matte black chain link handles and patent black trim.
    • Mesh side windows and zip open mesh top. Interior collar clip and self-locking zippers for safety. Lined, padded interior with a removable berber mat.
    • Material: Polyester, Metal and Polyurethane
    • Care: Carrier: Spot clean with damp cloth when needed. Mat: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry.
    • Available in:
    Teacup: 11"L x 6" W x 8 1/4" H
    Small: 15 1/2" L x 8 1/2" W x 12 1/4" H

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Amazon and Melia Dishes

    Last night I decided to remove my ceramic Melia dog bowls and yard signs from Amazon. They are still available in my store, but in my store I can easily advise customers that the items may not ship for 3 weeks or so. On Amazon, customers expect shipment in a day or two from order date. I can't meet that deadline. As of late I was able to work around it and most customers could wait but I have quite a few outstanding orders with them at this point and the dishes will be later than usual because the Melia artist was working on a large order. Understandable but with the demands of Amazon I can't carry the make-as-you-go ceramics. The risk is too high for negative feedback. Reputation is everything over there. In addition, I can't afford to place a large order that may never be sold either. Long story short... ceramic dishes and yard signs are still available at Your Pet Store With More but I've removed them from Amazon. Without having to pay the high Amazon fees, I am also able to offer the items at a lower price in my online store anyway.

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Ceramic Dog Bowl

    • Our Ceramic Dog Bowl with the front and back end of a dog is very unique and so adorable. You get both!
    • You need to see and hold these dog bowls to fully understand the great quality.
    • To help you further call this dog bowl set your own, the outer portion of the bowls are blank... the perfect canvas for personalization. Personalization is available at $10 per dish
    • These beautiful bowls are hand-crafted in Atlanta Georgia USA.
    • The designs on the dog dishes are by Rebecca Voladnt.
    • With the consumer in mind the ceramic dog bowls can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.
    • The glaze on the bowls is a safe lead-free.
    * Small is 1 cup capacity size bowl
    * Medium is 3.5 cup capacity bowl
    * Large is 6 cup capacity bowl
    * Extra Large is 14 cup capacity bowl

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    Curry Dog Brush

  • U Groom Curry Dog Brush removes dead, loose hair and massages your dog's skin.
  • This is a great grooming tool for professionals or the average dog owner.
  • This brush helps distribute natural oils in the coat.
  • Remove dead loose hair and massage skin Improve the effectiveness of shampoo High-quality rubber construction
  • Material: Rubber. Brush surface measures 5 1/4" x 3 1/2"
  • Monday, August 23, 2010

    Pawprint dog collar

    pawprint dog collar
    Metallic pawprint accents shimmer on these faux leather dog collars. Each collar features sturdy nickel-plated D-ring for even pressure and a metal buckle. Everyone is sure to be drawn to these four vibrant colors: bluebird, parrot, raspberry and ultra violet.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Doggie Dooley Toilet

    doggie dooley toilet
    • This Doggie Dooley Toilet keeps lawns and play areas clean and sanitary.
    • Simply install in the ground, drop in waste, and occasionally add Digester Powder and water for continuous break down of waste.
    • The environmentally friendly Doggie Dooley Toilet is harmless to lawns, pets and shrubs and has the capacity to handle the waste of 1 large or 2 small dogs.
    • Works like a home septic system by using Enzyme and Bacteria action to turn waste into ground absorbed liquid.
    • Ideal for most soil conditions except hard clay (works well in sandy soil too). Molded of durable plastic, features an open-bottom to create a waste leach field.
    • Excellent outdoor life, will not rust or corrode. Each unit comes with a 6 month supply of Digester Powder and has a step on lid opener.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Holloween Costumes are in!!!

    We're very excited to bring you the newest dog Halloween costumes for this year. Be sure to order early to get your choice of size and style.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Dog Car Seat

    dog car seat
    In our dog car seat by Kurgo you'll give your dog a SKYBOX VIEW. Though it may seem like the perfect spot is curled up on your lap, this is not the case. The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat offers a safe and secure alternative by providing enough elevation for mini-fido to have a clear view of the road ahead and a comfortable, secure padded seat to snuggle down on longer trips. The best part, is they are still within arm’s reach when you have the desire to scratch their belly.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Gold Print Leopard Dog Collar

    I added a few things to the store today. Here's one item.

    Leopard print plush with a black faux leather backing. A fashionable design that's soft to the touch and appealing to the eye. Collars feature metal buckles, grommets and D-rings. * Sizes: 3/8" Collar fits necks 6"-8" * 3/8" Collar fits necks 8"11 * 5/8" Collar fits necks 11"-14" * 1" Collar fits necks 14"-18" * 1" Collar fits necks 18"-22"

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Fire Hydrant Dog Toy Box

    • Great all-purpose novel Fire Hydrant.
    • Container for pet food, pet toys picnics, patios, rec-rooms
    • It's the container that's convenient, colorful, conversational and camp.
    • It's a full size replica of a real fireplug. Beautifully made of polyethylene plastic with color molded in. Nothing to break, fade, rust or rot. Top snaps shut and holds tightly.

    Makes a terrific prop for pet photography sessions. Even outdoor childrens' shots.

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Reflective Dog Collar

    • Super-strong reflective dog collar and leads with full-length reflective taping.
    • Collars are adjustable and feature a contoured, plastic buckle Bright colors are stylish and safe.
    • Collars coordinate with our Guardian Gear Reflective Leads
    • 3/8" - 5/8" width is best for puppies and small dogs
    • 1/2" - 3/4" width is best for small to medium dogs
    • 3/4" - 1" width is best for large dogs Sizing Information
    • 3/8" w Collar Fits Necks 6" - 10"
    • 5/8" w Collar Fits Necks 10" - 16"
    • 5/8" w Collar Fits Necks14" - 20"
    • 1" w Collar Fits Necks 18" - 26"

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Dog Water Fountain

    • Your PetMate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain makes it easy to keep your dog provided with a steady flow of cool, clean and refreshing drinking water.
    • Motor keeps water circulating without splashing or bubbles. Each fountain includes two charcoal filters. This dog fountain has a capacity of 216 oz and measures 17 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 8".

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    4-Ball Launcher

    * The 4-Ball Launcher is perfect for high caliber fetching fun!
    * Our ball launchers are high-performance launching toys for training and exercising your dog and with their ingenious ball pick-up capability, your hands will remain slime and dirt free throw after throw.
    * The launchers are constructed of top grade steel with a baked on rust- and chip-resistant coating.
    * Surgical-grade tubing
    * Shoots up to 220 feet
    * Hands-free pick up
    * Rust & chip-resistant steel
    * A perfect gift for the dog-lover on your list.
    * Holds and comes with four balls.
    * Replacement balls can be purchased as well.
    To read more about the dog ball launcher you can also

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Luxury Dog Carrier

    • The Luxury Dog Carrier is the USB (Universal Sport Bag) Plus.
    • It is a handy, air line approved, go-anywhere travel bag equipped with a Bon Ton refill dispenser. Ideal for small dogs, it is also great for cats, iguanas, ferrets, rabbits and more.
    • You can take your pet with you, safe in the knowledge that it is comfortable and safe in its padded and hypoallergenic surroundings. This luxury dog carrier is made from waterproof, UV-protected Heavy Duty Fabric and features window pads for good air circulation and a safety leash to prevent your small pet from falling or getting out unintentionally.
    • For more details, check out more pictures and more detail of the Luxury Dog Carrier.