Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amazon and Melia Dishes

Last night I decided to remove my ceramic Melia dog bowls and yard signs from Amazon. They are still available in my store, but in my store I can easily advise customers that the items may not ship for 3 weeks or so. On Amazon, customers expect shipment in a day or two from order date. I can't meet that deadline. As of late I was able to work around it and most customers could wait but I have quite a few outstanding orders with them at this point and the dishes will be later than usual because the Melia artist was working on a large order. Understandable but with the demands of Amazon I can't carry the make-as-you-go ceramics. The risk is too high for negative feedback. Reputation is everything over there. In addition, I can't afford to place a large order that may never be sold either. Long story short... ceramic dishes and yard signs are still available at Your Pet Store With More but I've removed them from Amazon. Without having to pay the high Amazon fees, I am also able to offer the items at a lower price in my online store anyway.

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